This Forrest inspired Hatha Yoga class creates a strong foundation and develops strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. You will move the whole body from laying down, sitting and standing positions and discover muscles you had lost touch with, like your abs. The poses are challenging, however, the pace is slow and the instructions precise. You are given time to understand how to get in and out of yoga poses safely and correctly, what muscles to consciously engage and what muscles to consciously relax. You will learn how to breathe deeply and correctly for maximum health benefit. Based on Ana Forrest‘s teachings, this class introduces Forrest Yoga Basic Moves which are healing moves that will create balance in the whole body and you will be able to use these healing moves into your life. This class is 90 minutes. You will need a mat (preferably two), a block and a strap. Please also bring water if desired and a towel.

Prerequisite – 3 Private Classes before joining class.  Special price 3 private introductory classes $150.00

This Week

23 Jun 2017
10:00AM - 11:30AM
Yoga for Cancer & Healing
24 Jun 2017
10:00AM -
Hatha Yoga
25 Jun 2017
03:00PM - 04:15PM
Yoga Nidra Class with Roweena
26 Jun 2017
11:00AM -
Chair Yoga
26 Jun 2017
06:00PM -
Hatha Yoga