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For private instruction, reiki or guided meditation, please contact us by phone or email.

True Nature Holistics is an intimate virtual yoga studio and healing center.

The focus is through Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Reiki and other holistic modalities bringing yourself back to our wholeness and completeness. Find your true nature once again. Sometimes we just need a special place to just be you. Not being caught up in our wants, needs and fears and find the things that give true meaning in our life.We have a very special community of like minded individuals.  Meditate with the best yoga Delray Beach. If you would like to become a part of our community, please join us and call today to book a private appointment or let us know you will be joining us for one of our classes.  

T S Eliot spoke on the inner journey in this manner: "We shall not cease from our exploration, and the end of all of our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time."

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Understanding Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a comprehensive system of physical exercises and controlled breathing that benefits the body physically, mentally, and spiritually. Yoga specialists refer to the physical activities as asana while pranayama is the technical name for controlled breathing.

Interestingly, Hatha means force in Sanskrit. The architects of this style called it Hatha because they saw it as a means of ensuring that their life force flows freely within them. You should note that Hatha means the sun and the moon when broken down into the two syllables, Ha and Tha. Therefore, Hatha Yoga is also a practice that brings balance to your life just as balance exists between the sun and the moon. 
The earliest written record of Hatha Yoga is in the Pali Canon written in 29 BC. Other prominent texts that mention it include the Amrtasiddhi, drafted in the 1000s, and the Hathapradipika, written by Svatmarama in the 1400s. These texts were for an Asian audience. People in the West started learning about Hatha Yoga after the teachings of Tirumalai Krishnamacharya became popular worldwide. In fact, many people refer to him as the Father of Modern Yoga.

Who Should Learn Hatha Yoga?

It is ideal for individuals who want to regain flexibility.

Hatha Yoga has eight limbs, and one of them is asana i.e. physical postures. These poses stretch your body increasing your level of flexibility. For example, the Dhanurasana, known as the Bow Pose stretches the muscles in your shoulders, chest, and hip. It also works on your back muscles as well as your abdominal muscles. Flexibility is important because it minimizes possible injuries to your body. Remember, rigid muscles easily tear if you expose them to stressful conditions such as heavy lifting. However, flexible muscles handle this kind of stress by stretching and contracting. Therefore, this type of yoga is important for those who apply pressure on their muscles as part of their daily routine. Whether you’re lifting weights, a laundry basket, or a nine iron, yoga can improve flexibility and protect from injury.

It is a perfect fit for those who want a robust and well-toned body.

Have you ever resorted to grueling and excessive exercise to get a well-toned body? At some point, most of us have joined a gym, perhaps hired a trainer, and attacked our fitness goals in earnest. No pain, no gain, right? Wrong. These practices can damage your body unnecessarily and, let’s face it, turn you off from physical fitness. Hatha Yoga may be just the kind of workout that can change your mind about physical fitness. This practice helps you build a robust and toned body in a gradual and safe manner. For example, do you know about the Mayurasana pose? Your hands support the weight of your body in this posture. It is a challenging pose, but you can perfect it gradually as you learn Hatha Yoga. The tree pose is also ideal for people who want to strengthen their body muscles.

It is an excellent tool for individuals who desire a healthy lifestyle.

Becoming fit overnight is impossible. It takes days of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice for you to become healthy. For example, you have to stay away from foods that are high in calories. Unfortunately, keeping your mind off these kinds of foods is difficult. Fortunately, Hatha Yoga can help you do that. The systems of controlled breathing and physical exercises practiced in this form of yoga will keep your mind engaged on become a healthier you. More importantly, Hatha Yoga will work on your body to ensure that your physiological processes occur smoothly. For example, the Pashimottanasana stretches your vertebral column, hamstring, and shoulder. Moreover, this pose opens your airways, flattens your belly, and improves your digestive power.

It is a conduit for those who are seeking inner peace.

Inner peace is hard to achieve in a world filled with overstimulation and information arriving at speeds we were simply not meant to process. Learning Hatha Yoga helps your mind slow down and focus on a mind-body connection. It allows your mind to hit the pause button on what is chaotic, and spend time peacefully focused on the spirit within. More specifically, Dhyana and Samadhi are critical when it comes to Hatha Yoga. Dhyana refers to meditation on man’s divine nature while Samadhi refers to uniting with this divine nature. Therefore, Hatha Yoga helps you connect with your inner self and puts you in tune with your senses.


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